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Consultancy and Development

In late 2017, our client hired us to develop a full page scroll website that showcases honey manufactured in Myanmar. Custom designs for desktop view were provided by the client and we worked together with the client to decide how responsiveness would work. Because of the difficulty in developing vertical carousel type full page scroll website, it took a total of 1 month to develop, test and fix issues, and finally launch the site before the targeted launch date.

Full Page Scroll Website

The main difficulty of the site lies in the need to have a responsive vertical carousel like full page scroll effect. We managed to find a JavaScript plugin that handles much of the scroll effect. However, as per the client’s request, we have to use a specific WordPress theme hence we can only build a custom integration with the plugin instead of building on top of the existing Fullpane Theme. Moreover, back in 2017, the Gutenberg plugin wasn’t a thing yet and there were no other WordPress plugins that achieved this effect. Hence we have to build a child theme with much customization to make it work.

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Dealing with Design Issues Satisfactorily

In addition, we had to advise the client on how their content would only allow for a good vertical carousel effect for a minimum browser height. At any heights smaller than that, the text content will not be visible while keeping the full page scroll effect. In the end, we coded the site to be responsive such that the full page scroll effect was enabled from a minimum browser height, and fell back to a natural scroll behavior at heights below that. This solved the unforeseen issue when our client was designing the site and eventually led to a better user experience.

Client Happiness

We managed to develop an aesthetically pleasing yet functional site that is easy to edit. In addition to the full page scroll effect, we also added CSS triggered hover interactions for better performance, SVG images with higher interactivity, and a customized Google map to fit the look and feel of the site.

The client was pleased with the output and that we had met their tight timeline. We continued to develop many more websites together.

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Single Page Interactions

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