Impressive JavaScript Animations and User Interactions

BASE Entertainment Asia seeks to wow, impress, and razzle-dazzle Singaporeans with musicals and live entertainment. In 2018, we helped BASE Entertainment Asia create a modern, beautiful, interactive custom WordPress website. Together with the client, we brainstormed and co-created the design and made it an impressive showcase of what BASE Entertainment Asia has to offer.

Advanced JavaScript Animations

We needed to impress and wow website visitors with aesthetically pleasing interactive webpages. To this end, we created multiple pages with reversible scroll based animations that work well even on mobile devices, similar to Apple’s iPhone / iPad landing pages. To further impress website visitors, we created a 3D interactive panorama that offers a 360 degrees view of the theatre. We’ve also created a custom 3D interactive wall that showcases posters of the client’s past shows.

The bonus: it is easy to add, remove, or edit any content without any technical knowledge.

Responsive JavaScript Animations

While creating the advanced JavaScript animations to impress and wow website visitors, we took extra care to ensure that visitors using mobile devices will enjoy a similar experience compared to desktop visitors. We tested that all the advanced JavaScript animations work in a similar way on mobile devices and fine tuned layouts and positions such that they load fine in phones and tablets.

Wow and Impress

The end result was an impressive website that we’re proud to showcase in our portfolio. The client loved the interactive website elements like the 3D panorama, 3D poster wall, and reversible scroll animations. Visitors also reflected that the website looked wonderful and were wow-ed by our work.

Partner Us for Success

WOW, impress, razzle-dazzle your website visitors


You provide the idea, we chime in with our expertise in implementation.


We pay special attention to our output and develop websites that are user friendly and adhere to the designs.

Advanced Interactions

We craft wonderful website experience through advanced JavaScript user interactions ranging from reversible scroll-based transitions and 3D panoramic experiences that is responsive and works well across all device sizes.

Homepage Interactions

scroll based animations, reversible animations, SVG map

Past Shows Page 3-D Poster Wall

3D interactive poster wall, mobile responsive

3D Panorama Theatre Section

3D panorama, 360 degrees view

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