My Skills

I can do this, that, and those

Mobile Friendly

All the websites I’ve built are responsive to the screen size – they display nicely on mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and even TVs


I’m experienced in WordPress development. This site here is built using Wordpress too!


I’m proficient in PHP, the language that WordPress and many other dynamic websites are based on


CSS transitions, animations, bring them on! I’m also experienced in using Bootstrap, Skeleton, and Less.


HTML is the basics. New html tags? Not that difficult. Combine that with CSS and JS and that’s the backbone of all websites I’ve built.


I build websites and apps with React, help clients with Angular, and use jQuery and Javascript.

Websites I’ve Built

Look at these cool stuff


Singapore social enterprise website


E-Commerce website demo


Singapore Charity launch website


Singapore SME business website


Singapore property agent website


What would you like to do next?